Soda Shoppe Pop-Up

Enticing Teens to 'Taste the Feeling' of Coca-Cola at the Mall of Georgia

As Coca-Cola aimed to attract teens to have greater consideration and consumption of Coke products, they looked to IDL to prototype a new pop-up campaign that, with success, would play out into a broader marketing campaign moving forward.

IDL concepted a “Soda Shoppe” for teens that came to life at the buzzing Mall of Georgia outside of Atlanta. The pop-up was designed as a space for teens to mingle over custom “Coke-tails”, socialize with friends, and of course share their experience over social media. From initial concept through production and install, IDL brought the activation to life via fully contained shipping containers that unfolded to reveal a Coca-Cola brand experience inclusive of the Soda Shoppe and immersive shareable moments.

Grab a Selfie and a Coketail

The prototype yielded successful results in its engagement with teens, and IDL was recently informed that the initiative would officially be laid out on a national scale in 2019. Given the opportunity to learn from the challenges and wins of this initial activation, we look forward to translating this pop-up campaign on an even bigger and brighter scale in the coming year.

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