The North Face Outerwear Outpost

DICK's Sporting Goods Outerwear Outpost

The North Face collaborated with IDL to take over a full pad at 500+ DSG locations nation wide

By the time IDL got their hands on it, the Outerwear Outpost had been around for awhile. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods, in collaboration with The North Face, developed the in-store space as a showcase for prime jacket-buying season—that stretch of months as Fall pushes into Winter. Each October, a new assortment of Men’s, Women’s, and Youth outerwear would be spotlighted in a set system that included 3D branding, large mural graphics, navigational category signage, and customized fixtures. But after a few years, Dick’s Sporting Goods and The North Face agreed: 

It was time for a bold refresh. 

As a frequent partner on retail executions, IDL was entrusted by The North Face to lead the redesign charge. They wanted something new. Something captivating. They wanted us to blow up the existing shop concept and completely reimagine the outpost as an elevated cold weather destination. 

From sketches and renders to tests and versioning, we dug deep—and not only into our expertise as retail innovators. We also tapped into our extensive familiarity and fanatic enthusiasm for The North Face brand itself to dream up an in-store experience that operated on an entirely new stratosphere.

The end result was met with rave reviews from our clients, their partners, and—most importantly—their customers. “Phenomenal” in its impact, the space itself wasn’t the only celebrated part of the project. IDL’s process itself elicited its fair share of kudos, considered by our brand partners as “one of the most collaborative and seamless” they’d ever experienced. It even set a new standard for in-store expectations at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  

But as much as we loved reaching that new summit, we could only enjoy the view for so long. Because once you conquer one peak, you just can’t help but gear up to tackle the next one.

Click here for our video recap. 

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