Eataly's Oculus Spectacle

Enticing Hungry NYC Commuters into Eataly's Flagship 

At Eataly, food is life. And exceptional food? Yep: exceptional life. Whether it’s an authentically pressed olive oil that teleports you to the vineyards of Tuscany, or a batch of fresh pasta that would make a Sicilian mother sing, Eataly embodies cuisine that is simple, fresh, and of the highest quality. It’s that Eat Better Live Better belief at the core of their rustic Italian heritage.

That’s why Eataly wanted to create a special moment for Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus. A vast, elegant ribbed structure in the heart of New York, the space provided plenty of opportunity for some captivating visual storytelling.

[Enter IDL.]

To inspire passersby toward a fun, indulgent culinary experience just down the block, IDL was asked to create a custom branded spectacle for a six-month installation. They wanted a three-dimensional, mouth-watering statement that was impossible to miss and would embody the awe and excitement of Eataly’s multi-layered store.

Designing an engaging consumer experience against the backdrop of this sophisticated space posed a thrilling and unique challenge. Time-crunch considerations factored too, but delivering at the speed of our clients’ needs is what we’ve been doing for nearly eight decades.

But new hurdles popped up on this project, including a budget-busting Port Authority approval process that stretched four weeks and required stamped structural engineer drawings, fire rating reports, and installation labor obligations (among other things).

Still, we delivered.

On time. On budget. Beyond all expectations.

The resulting space evoked incredible movement and exhilarating emotion, all rooted in the premium product Eataly offers every day. High-quality display elements and an energetic product story made its mark and ultimately made Eataly a must-try follow-up trip for Oculus visitors.

… Anyone else hungry?

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