Classic Space for an Honest Brand

Design-forward tradeshow booth exhibits new product with bright, homey comfort

Rooted in consciousness, community, transparency and design, Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company started small and has quickly grown to become the go-to wellness brand for families dedicated to an ethical lifestyle. As new parents en masse caught on to The Honest Co.’s safe and effective product offerings, the company responded by expanding their product line and committing to the strategic and creative evolution of the growing brand.

When Honest looked to widen their scope of retailer distribution and execute more physical brand experiences, leadership engaged to IDL to envision and execute a tradeshow booth that brought the refreshed brand to life in a physical space amid its growing line of eco-friendly and cleanly designed products. 

The new take on a tradeshow booth provides a stylish yet welcoming feel that draws guests into an emotional branded experience.

Each unique and inviting element is thematically curated to help tell the story of the brand’s evolution. Planted greenery gives an “at home” feel and invites a sense of life and growth to a notoriously stark trade show environment.

Heartfelt family photos pull at visitors’ heartstrings while contemporary fixtures and clean lines create a sense of calm and set the stage for the full product line to take center stage, easy to engage and access.

The Honest Co.’s Classic Booth will make the rounds at national tradeshows as the brand holds its place as a staple in the household consumer goods industry.

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