Scale model skyscrapers surround Nike's Air Force 1 sneakers in their retail window displays

An Uptown Favorite Lightens Up

Nike Sportswear's Latest Air Force 1 Showcases Ultra Flyknit

Nike Retail Window Display

Telling the innovative story behind Nike's Ultra Flyknit material through the lens of an icon. 

Nike, IDL Worldwide and the Crack team collaborated to create an elevated product launch for the beloved Air Force 1 sneaker. Custom, high profile installs at partner retailers drew crowds in some of our country's most iconic metropolises.

133 buildings, 6.5 miles of string, 90 ft. of LEDs and 2 iconic bridges were built for Nike's Air Force 1 window and interior displays

To help launch Nike Sportswear’s lightest Air Force 1 yet, IDL was tasked with showing off the innovative Flyknit material’s light weight while paying homage to the Air Force 1’s deep-seated roots in basketball and performance.

The Ultra Flyknit innovation story was told through the lens of a much-loved sneaker icon, with location-specific, nationwide window displays and interior displays featuring more than 100 replicas of iconic buildings and their corresponding cityscapes.

Replica bridges were given bright red Flyknit suspension cables and some of America's most recognizable buildings were wrapped in over 6 miles of thick Flyknit string. The use of red Flyknit in the displays highlighted the unique material featured in the newest AF1, and provided visual shorthand for both the lightweight and innovation stories. 

AF1: A sneaker at home in the city.
Kith Retail Window Display
Nike Ultra Flyknit Material Close Up

The retail window displays and interior displays were customized to each location: The NYC window displays, for example, included replicas of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

These premium brand executions made a bold retail statement in the key markets of Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City concurrent to NBA All-Star Week.

The Result:

An elevated retail experience that upped the Air Force 1’s nationwide attention across social media platforms with buzzworthy experiences at some of the country’s highest profile footwear boutiques. 

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