NBA Finals Champagne Delivery

Nike and Moët & Chandon pop the cork on a package for the ages

Waterfalls of champagne drenching the locker room are quintessential of a national title victory. At the pinnacle of professional basketball - the NBA Finals - Nike looked to highlight the championship cork pack edition Air Force 1 by providing influencers with a sneak peek inside this special moment. 

Select A-listers were delivered a pair of the sneakers and a magnum bottle of Moët & Chandon with goggles for optimum spray protection.

The experience was packaged up in a one-of-a-kind vessel: a custom mini-fridge. The premium one-off of a shoebox was a fully functional fridge, meant to be used for years to come by influencer recipients.

IDL was tasked with creating an unforgettable unboxing moment, simulating those title-winning emotions. Given that a bottle of champagne the caliber of Moët & Chandon warrants presentation in perfectly chilled condition, the refrigerator concept was born. The magnum bottle was tucked between gold splattered sneakers, mimicking the spray of champagne showers.

Grab the Bubbly

When done right with a proper shake up, this celebration wouldn’t be possible without the full protection of Nike ski goggles. A detailed black-on-black basketball court on the door plays a subtle and sleek homage to the game.

High impact social buzz surrounding the packages’ arrivals garnered over half a million views. Celeb recipients noted this bundle was nothing like they had ever seen before, which is a national title victory in our book.

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