Epic React Launch

An Unprecedented Takeover of DICK's Sporting Goods Elevates the Footwear Shopping Experience

Disrupting the Standard

When Nike launched the React running shoe, they pushed more than just new footwear into the market– they pushed the limits of modern product launches and retailer relationships to equal avail. The footwear brand pulled in IDL to execute an unprecedented 3,800 square-foot brand takeover of Dick’s Sporting Goods in Lombard, Illinois that illustrated the power of partnership for elevating immersive retail experiences to amaze the modern consumer.

Nike’s launch strategy centered on delivering pinnacle experiential retail somewhere entirely new and disrupting shoppers’ status quo with an immersive brand moment unlike anything they’ve seen before. This ambitious goal, of course, could not be achieved alone and in February, the brand presented their plan and IDL’s renderings of the project to Dick’s Sporting Goods. The success of this meeting would mark the first time DSG awarded a full-floor product takeover of this extent to any brand. By the end of the day, the two teams had begun collaborating to select the perfect location for executing this groundbreaking launch.

Months later, a larger-than-life React graphic greeted unsuspecting shoppers at the DSG entry door in Lombard, Illinois. Once inside, they encountered a transformative, React-ruled space barely reminiscent of the store interior they expected. Drawn in by a parade of mannequins running and spring pedestals holding the shoe in each stage of a stride, consumers came to know the React story through a landscape filled with custom elements including a massive foam archway, Nike React letters specially-made store fixtures and a massive chandelier.

Vinyl wayfinding on the floor led shoppers through a series of pedestals designed to emphasize Reacts’ soft, springy, light and long-lasting qualities. The expansive installation, custom lit with pink and blue lights, included additional components ranging from a field of pillows to a self-propelled treadmill outfitted with hundreds of digital screens.

With retail continually shifting in favor of tangible experiences that can be interacted with and shared, out-of-the-box thinking becomes increasingly critical for brands to leave a lasting impact on today’s consumers. Nike’s full DSG takeover fielded great wins for both the brand and the retailer – Lombard significantly outpaced other DSGs in React sales and React sales saw a double-digit increase post-installation- and stands to illustrate a landmark success as the field of experiential brand experience continues to grow.

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