Atmospherics for the Sunny Sanuk Flagship

Kick Back and Relax in Sanuk's Garage-esque Flagship

At Sanuk, comfort, adventure and creation reign supreme.

In that spirit, IDL teamed up with Sanuk and the Crack team to create garage-inspired atmospherics for their flagship in Santa Monica. The space, designed as a relaxed backdrop to the company’s beachwear and sandals, evokes a fun and relaxed store environment.

Playing off the artistic, unfinished garage theme, raw, white-washed plywood was run throughout the store space. The laid-back, workbench atmospherics encouraged shoppers to relax, take their time and feel free to dream.

Sketches of various garage items built part of Sanuk's atmospherics

Living the Sanuk way of life

The breezy effect took shape in the details. From a dated height-marking wall to scrapbook cut-out pictures pasted in nooks, these subtle moments were incorporated in the atmospherics to make the space feel well-used and alive, a place where a family makes memories.

Visual Merchandising
A monkey retail fixture illuminates Sanuk's store atmosphere

IDL delivered on the brand’s vision to create a store atmosphere that felt casual and creative while presenting the products in a compelling way to drive sales.

The impact is an approachable, fun shopping experience that embodies the laid-back yet curious spirit of the Sanuk brand.

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