Onlookers walk past Sephora's winter themed Window Display

A Beautiful Blizzard

Sephora's Flagship Window Displays Dazzle for the Holidays 

A close up of Sephora's Beautiful Blizzard Window Display

Sephora approached IDL to help create a holiday window graphics campaign with the theme “Beautiful Blizzard” that was impactful yet cost effective and easy to install. To convey a sparkling, kinetic blizzard, IDL developed a series of blown-out window displays with unique multi-dimensional snowflake installations and a three-story media display outside the Sephora Times Square flagship.

Bringing wintery beauty to Midtown.
A reflective snowflake stands in Sephora's Window Display

IDL designed a dimensional snowflake presentation using flat materials, then produced the snowflake pattern holographic vinyl to add visual depth and light facets. Original artwork was created for the snowflake patterns. The bright, refractive and colorful displays were meant to catch the eye of passersby. 

Snowed in: A Times Square holiday story.
A glass snowflake is superimposed in front of a poster of a Sephora model

These elements reflected the holiday makeup collections Sephora was featuring that season and provided consumers with some fun, seasonally appropriate icy sparkle. The full-scale window displays were used in Sephora’s Manhattan flagship retail store and then reduced to banner treatments in Sephora stores across the country.

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