Nickelodeon Takes on Times Square

A Flagship Shopping Experience Just for Kids

For Nickelodeon’s Times Square Toys-R-Us shopping experience, IDL worked with the Crack team to create an inspiring and impactful moment within one of the busiest, most chaotic tourist destinations in the country. The catch? The target customer is barely pushing four feet tall and may or may not be in the New York state of mind.

Photo of Nick's interactive displays in their Times Square store

To get the single-digit set stoked while keeping the space parent proof, the design needed to strike a balance between discovery and efficiency. First, the space was color bombed in orange, Nickelodeon’s iconic color, for an instant shot of brand recognition.

A distance shot of the Nickelodeon Shopping Experience

Then, the focus turned to striking a balance between the kid-friendly and an easy, breezy in-store experience for the adults in charge. Interactive displays kept kids engaged throughout the inevitable Manhattan madness: A prominent ‘Do Not Touch’ button rewarded rule breakers with talking fish and flying doughnuts.

The IDL team managed the entire project, including concept, design, development of the media and digital experience, as well as execution of the build-out of the shop. The result was a full-service interactive purchasing experience, now a destination in itself.

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